Terms of Service

First of all, don't be a dick. If you're a dick, your account will be deleted, optionally without notice. Cool? Cool!

Second, let's talk privacy. We are a big believer in it and do not want to ask for more information than we need to provide the service to you. We do ask for your e-mail address. This is, in part, to make sure accounts are legitimate, but also to make sure there is a means to contact you if there is anything critical you need to know about. Film Log is about organizing your films and prints. It is not about bugging you with emails. We will only do that if there is something important that pertains to the application.

Third, there is no warranty of any kind. Zero. You use this service with the understanding that securing and protecting your data is important to use but not guaranteed. And likewise that we take no responsibility if using Film Log ruins your day, your computer, etc. Use at your own risk.

Finally, we totes use cookies. That's how logins work. You have to be good with that to use the site.

These aren't written in legalese yet and be aware they could change as things evolve.