Getting Started

New to The Film Log? There's a couple things you will want to do before you start logging films.

First, go to your User Preferences and let's set a few things. The Preferences page will setup how Film Log works, but also look at the Films and Papers sections there on the left. You will need to add some films and papers you use in order to log films and prints respectively.

Then, go to the Gear and add some Cameras. You will need at least one camera. You can also add Filters, Lenses and Enlarger Lenses. These are used, optionally, when logging film and logging print details. Lenses need to be associated with a camera so once you add at least one, click on the camera you want to associated to this Lens.

After that, go to Binders to create a new Binder. A binder is a grouping of projects and projects are then a grouping of films. How you organize this is up to you but a common way to do it is to have actual negative binders organized by year. Each project then can roughly correspond to a paper diver in the binder. Then each film is a PrintFile sheet.

Thus, once you create a Binder, you can then create a Project and finally start logging films!

Printing Logs

Part of the point of this whole thing is to be able to print your logs out so you can file them with your negatives. Currently, it's recommended to use Google Chrome for this as FireFox doesn't have as many printing options such as changing the margins.

In Chrome then go to your film log you want to print, hit the Print button next to the title then tell Chrome you want to print the page (click on the 3 dots and click on Print or press CTRL-P or Option-P).

Then click on More settings and select Custom for the margins. Every printer is different but some good starting values are:

  • Top: 0.26"
  • Left: 0.65"
  • Right: 0.32"
  • Bottom: 0.38"

This assumes you are using a hole punch. You can get away with thinner margins if you are filing them in a plastic sheet or doing something else. This also assumes 8.5x11" paper (sorry A-paper folks!). If you are using a different paper, you'll want to figure out what margins work best for you.