If you like The Film Log and are intersted in helping out, there are a number of ways to do so, such as:

Log a Bug / Feature

See something on the website which is busted? Consider logging a bug or putting in a feature request, which you can do by going to the GitLab project, here.

Contributing To Development

If you are a designer, developer, etc. you can contribute to The Film Log project directly. The code is all open source (GPLv3) and is available on GitLab. The core technologies used are Python (Flask), MariaDB/MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, and CSS/HTML. A full mobile app is planned though not currently being developed, though work is being done to make an API that could be use for a native mobile app in the future.

Buying a Print

You can also buy one of my prints, which are available here. If you want to make sure the proceeds go towards The Film Log, be sure to mention that in the order comments. All of the prints were made on film. I also hand print the black and white prints in my own darkroom and will soon hand make prints made from color negatives.

While I have been able to reduce hosting fees, for now, a direct donation can still help with potential future hosting fees as the site grows, budget for purchasing any materials for testing and to help create a new feature or improve upon an existing features, and helps justify work done in my spare time.

The important takeaway is I want the film log to be free. The codebase itself is open source but the cost of development and host of hosting player a role. The public website avoids folks needing to run their own version on their own server (be it on a Raspberry Pi or something else).